Adams Woodcrest, a member of Adams Health Network, located in Decatur, Ind., celebrated a deficiency-free annual state survey. To receive these honors, Adams Woodcrest must be compliant with all the regulations under the long-term care requirements. These requirements are set from The Center of Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS). Thus, Adams Woodcrest is required to follow all the regulations from both the state and federal governments. During the survey process, residents and families are selected and interviewed regarding the quality of care. The results of these interviews were “excellent” as stated by the surveyors.

Adams Woodcrest Administrator Craig Prokupek says, “the honor comes with our dedicated staff doing what is best for the residents.” In the senior living industry, facilities are measured by their health inspections, quality measures and staffing. And under each of those measurements, there are different categories in which points are assigned when a deficiency has occurred. With all the new regulations, it is very difficult for facilities to overcome and supersede these changes. Prokupek stated, “we have a lot of compassion and are committed to giving exceptional care to the residents who live at Woodcrest.”

As a member of Adams Health Network, Adams Woodcrest benefits from Adams Memorial Hospital’s Therapy Department providing rehabilitation for all residents in need. Adams Woodcrest is fortunate to not have to contract therapy staff from an outside source. Our therapists are employed by our Network; thus, they are never strangers to our residents. Our therapists have a close relationship with our residents, and residents are more comfortable communicating relative to their daily needs. Our strong relationships are significant in getting our residents back to their prior or optimal level of function versus contracting with an outside therapy agency being unfamiliar with our residents.


Adams Health Network is extremely proud of the staff at Adams Woodcrest. Senior Living has been confronted with many challenges from state and federal regulations, but our devoted staff continues to rise to these challenges to make Adams Woodcrest the best home environment and provide the best quality of care to our residents.

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