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Assisted Living That Puts You First

Rise and eat breakfast when you want. Find solitude in your apartment or on a walk in the woods or gardens. Enjoy the company of friends and family. Nurture your talents. Learn a new hobby. Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living is home. We hope you’ll make it your home. For seniors who need assisted living, there is no other choice like Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living. A first in the region, our neighborhoods give you the opportunity to mingle and make friends or retreat into the privacy of your own personal apartment, a home within a home. At Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living, you set the rhythm of the day depending on your own preferences. We know that what is routine for one person is not the same for the next person. The ability to live your life, as you have known it, will continue with the support of experienced and attentive staff. Explore the options, then come to Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living.

So what is the Neighborhood Concept?

Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living unveils an innovative concept for seniors who need assisted living...a home within a home. This unique physical environment honors privacy fosters interpersonal relationships and promotes a quality lifestyle. Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living is architecturally designed to be warm, welcoming and home. Within its walls, it consists of four neighborhoods of fourteen apartments each. The larger apartments provide private space and each has its own living room, bedroom area, and kitchenette, while the studio apartments have designated space for a microwave and refrigerator. Leaving your apartment, you arrive in the neighborhood shared with your small community of neighbors. Here, an open kitchen, Bistro, formal dining room, and sun porch afford all the pleasures of a good life at home. Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living environment and staff support are designed to encourage a good life each day. Residents design their own schedules and are afforded the respect, inclusion, courtesy, and care that everyone deserves.

It Makes A Difference Where You Call Home

We have a setting that is perfect for every senior. Some of us are more social than others and others like to be tucked away from the hustle and bustle a little more. Regardless, our views are inviting and invigorating and offer exquisite landscapes where every place is a reminder of home.

Exquisite Views


A bustling view filled with activity Our Main Street view provides a feel of being part of everyday activities. This is the place for you if you enjoy being around others.


A serene view of peace and quiet Our Courtyard is nestled between the Forest and Main Street and offers residents a beautiful view and easy access to the great outdoors. If you enjoy walking outside, gardening, or just sitting quietly under a pergola enjoying the gardens and view, the Courtyard might be perfect for you.


An unparalleled view of nature Woodcrest Assisted Living is situated in a country setting and nothing gets you closer to the country than a beautiful Forest. Our wooded areas are full of wildlife, seasonal flowers, and beautiful settings. You are only a few steps away from enjoying the sculpted paths to main destinations and the best nature has to offer. Every morning you’ll experience beautiful nature scenes that bring warmth and delightful colors and the evening sunsets are simply astonishing.

A Neighborhood is Where You Live Life Your Way

We understand that a building is not the same as a home, but most homes begin with a structure that contains those elements. A place for food preparation and sharing, a place to gather and communicate, and an environment that protects us from the elements. We believe that everyone needs a place to call home for all those reasons: comfort, safety, and human interaction. For many older people, it is a time in life when home is the most important. Protection, warmth, and meal sharing are an essential part of health and well-being.

The Heart of the Home

Every neighborhood has a homey kitchen, with staff always available to prepare your meal the way you want it. You may eat in the household kitchen at any time of the day or night, or dine in your apartment if you prefer. Every day, you can savor many homemade choices. You will also be able to enjoy a snack with friends or family in our Bistro. Have a cup of hot coffee whenever you want

Household Amenities

Vibrant Living

Each neighborhood at Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living is staffed by a highly skilled team committed to assuring residents all the freedom of natural daily living, embracing both privacy and rich social opportunities. Rather than hosting traditional “activities,” daily life and pleasures unfold around the residents’ interests – whether that be music or sports, entertainment or exercise, noisy parties or quiet evenings with friends.

Truly Unique in Every Way

The physical design and the underlying philosophy work together to make Adams Woodcrest Assisted Living a truly different place to live. Each neighborhood has its own unique theme and style, creating the overall feeling of objects collected during the course of a life well-lived.